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TikTok Live Special Event Topics

Create the instruction manual for your energy system.

TikTok Live Zoom Link

Once you have paid for your TikTok demo, hop on here! Click Zoom icon above for links to other events.

1 hr Private Discovery/Consultation Session

A good place to start if you have medical conditions or traumas. Annie can scan your body to better understand what your mind, body, and soul need to feel lighter.

TikTok Live Demos - Monthly Subscription

Great option if you love participating in Annie's demos. Sign up for (1) 20-minute demo a month for $45/mo (10% off!)

Intuitive Life Coaching

A great beginner option in moving through the complexities of life. A great choice if you're not yet ready to swim in metaphysics. Schedule as needed.

Astral Travel Energy Groups

Travel as a group in a safe space and develop your clairs. Sundays at 10am PT/noon CT/1pm ET.

Private Training Sessions with Annie (trauma healing or energy expansion)

Unlock the true YOU! Book a discovery session, participate in a TikTok live demo, or attend and energy group first before signing up for this service.

2024 Annual Renunion

Open to students and private clients. Meet us in Mt. Shasta August 2nd-4th

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