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✔️ Reducing many stress and emotion based medical conditions such as thyroiditis, fibromyalgia, migraines, phantom pains

✔️ Reducing many mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, mystery fears, memory loss

✔️ Spiritual advancement and metaphysical mastery / unexplainable paranormal activity / alien abduction

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THIS IS WHAT ANNIE IS KNOWN FOR!!!  Online or In-person

ADVANCED: Energy Expansion Program

Holding the KeyGive your mind access to your master keys so you can hack into your internal motherboard and reprogram your life. This is the method that gets you the cheat codes for your human computer system. 

6 hours can change your life! 3 sessions x 2 hrs each, with 2-4 week break between sessions to acclimate, in-person or online, purchased as a prepaid package.

Each person has a different starting point and ends at a different level. Some people are ready for cheetah speed while others are at turtle speed. There's no judgment. Annie will meet you where you are on your journey and help you get moving faster. 

Listen to Danielle's story of speaking her truth after working with Annie for 2 hours. Warning: her dog was injured and there is some swearing.

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Online or In-person

Winter 2021 Energy Showcase

Saturday, December 4, 2021 from 1-4pm Pacific/4-7pm Eastern


Check out the new quantum tools that Annie's acquired since the last quarterly event. In-person (Henderson, NV) $35 or online via Zoom $15. This event will be recorded and used for marketing purposes.  Attendees in the audience will be picked for demonstrations. This event is recorded for social media and marketing purposes.

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SPECIAL EVENT: Becoming Soul Partners

Saturday, February 12 2022 from 6-9pm Pacific

Committed Spouses/Partners Only

You will learn how to balance masculine and feminine spiritual energy within your own body, how to sync or harmonize with your lover, and how to support each other using energy and magnetic awareness. 

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BEGINNER: Intuitive Quantum Coaching

Looking inNot ready to dive deep in metaphysical work? Peak through the metaphysical keyhole with curiosity. This is a beginner step into Annie's work using cognitive problem solving using positive psychology, neuroscience, and coaching tools. Experience family coaching with your mind, body and spirit as three separate voices working  together.

Annie will not open the energy lines for 4D or 5D awareness for beginners.

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SPECIAL: Quantum Couples or Family Coaching

Familiar with Annie's work? Can you imagine how intense that would be to experience with your partner or family? Learn how to work with each other at an energetic level to grow as spiritual partners or heal as a family.

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SPECIAL: Deep Grief Relief

This is a dual practitioner service with Annie Emprima-Martin (energy engineer) and Vinney Todd (psychic medium). Visit FAQ page for links to learn more about Vinney. 

4 hours total. Each individual session is 1 hour (1hr with Annie, 1 hr with Vinney) with the dual practitioner session lasting roughly 2 hours in length. Very powerful, very effective. This service is offered only on Fridays.

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Booking link for exiting clients to schedule prepaid packages or bridge sessions. 

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My stories on leadership, friendship, personal relationships, business partnerships, personal ownership, the money-ship and a sneak peek into my world on the metaphysical mothership

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