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Booking/Scheduling/Zoom Links

1-on-1 private sessions use this link, no password is required:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/8484481660

More options are available here (or click the camera in the social media icon bar).

Yes and no. The full amount must be paid for in advance before beginning the series. Payments can be made in the form of gift certificates or credits until the full amount is accrued.

Pay-as-you-go is not available for a few reasons. 

  1. This is energy work and the body needs time to integrate the energy but not so much time between sessions. We can’t stop midway because of unforeseen financial expenses without having to start over.
  2. Some people have major breakthroughs in the first session and don’t return. Much like braces, there are still adjustments that need to be made along the way.
  3. Some things are beyond our understanding and the mind might freak out or fill in the blank and not want to return to get clarification. Most things we fear are simply things we don’t understand.
  4. Paying in full remedies these issues for 95% of Annie’s clients.

Feeling sick before your first session with Annie? Here’s what might be happening.

Feeling sick, light-headed, dizzy or hearing voices within 24 hours of the first session? It’s not your intuition, it’s your monkey mind trying to keep the system safe…even if it means protecting the system against itself. The mind might play tricks on you before your first session. No judgment. It’s super common. That is usually a signal that there is shame/guilt or heavy trauma that the mind is afraid of exposing. Almost always the feeling goes away once the person starts the session and the mind realizes it is safe.

A credit card is required to secure the appointment unless you prepay. You are also welcome to use

Venmo @OneEmprima or @AnnieEmprima

CashApp $OneEmprima 

PayPal @oneemprima 

Zelle Annie@OneEmprima.com

A $25 fee is charged for a discovery session with Annie if the session cannot be secured with a credit card.

Use this contact form to email Annie if you wish to book without a credit card. Include your full name, email address and phone number so she can create a profile in the scheduling system for your appointment.

Step 1: Fill out this form. Click submit.

step 2: You will then be directed to a payment page. 


Venmo @OneEmprima or @AnnieEmprima

CashApp $OneEmprima 

PayPal @oneemprima

Zelle Annie@OneEmprima.com 

Specific Services

THIS IS WHAT ANNIE IS KNOWNS FOR! This is what makes her so unique. 

Annie will unlock and open your energy field so you can experience the BIG YOU. 

There is no guarantee what will happen during each of your 1 hour sessions since the BIG YOU (Source) determines what is best for YOU (mind, body, spirit), not Annie. But a typical package is structured as a crawl, walk, run process in learning how to scan your own energy field and expand your consciousness. Sometimes BIG YOU has other plans and we respect those pivots to the plan.

It’s an interactive experience unlike any other where Annie will step into your energy field and relay back the invisible parts of yourself that need calibrating, clearing, correcting, catapulting. This is where you get to create new rules for the mind and body! You’ll also be able to experience what it feels like to have BIG YOU and the internal parts of you, to include emotions, ancestors, and spiritual support teams speak through you while you are fully conscious.

People choose this option for many reasons. 

  • Experiencing a medical mystery that doctors can’t explain
  • Feeling paralyzed with anxiety, grief, anger, depression or manifestations in the body
  • Feeling like someone or something else is occupying the body
  • Journeying through a spiritual awakening and seeking guidance and direction
  • Suffering from metaphysical manifestations such as fibromyalgia, neuropathy, fibroids, hemorrhoids, intestinal inflammation, edema, headaches, neck pain, joint pain, etc.
  • Training for those ready to master existing metaphysical or spiritual gifts
  • Recalling and releasing trapped trauma in the body
  • Clarifying life purpose and innate gifts
  • Feeling BIG YOU without the mind having to relinquish control unlike Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.

The specific metaphysical/quantum tools Annie uses during the sessions will vary depending on the comfort level, intention, and situation. She will intuitively switch out her tools during the session so that the most amount of work can get done in the least amount of time. Her goal is to get individuals on the track to their life purpose so that they can fulfill their purpose. 

What you can expect during an energy-driven session is to be standing on your feet for periods of time while she scans your energy patterns with her mind. Drink lots of water beforehand. The body resonates and communicates better when it is moderately hydrated. For most people, Annie can communicate directly with the body, soul, and mind (3 separate voices) telepathically, sometimes bypassing the mind, and then translate back what was communicated. Most people feel their body responding and answering through movement.

The body may also take advantage of the higher energy vibrations to heal or release trapped emotions. It is normal for some people to sweat or get cold when energy is moved through the body or to feel tired afterward. Many people report feeling tired after a session, as if they just worked out at the gym or studied for a hard exam.


This program is designed in a ‘give a man a fish, fish with him, teach him how to fish’ 3-part system because it’s more ethical to live by the philosophy to not do something for someone else what they are capable of doing for themselves. Our culture and our medical system are designed in such a way that we give away our power and surrender our symptoms to be managed by a 3rd party rather than learning how to manage our own internal energy system.

Some people are turtles while others are cheetahs. Some have a briefcase of energy to clear out and some have a cargo container. Those with severe medical conditions can expect an additional 2-3 hours (added to the base cost) to complete the program.

It’s not unusual for clients to complete the first Advanced program than take a little break before getting back in the training to go deeper.


It depends. Annie can help those who are ready to move through their trauma using spiritual modalities but that is not everyone. Some people carry heavy grief or shame that is too heavy to move through without retriggering the events. These individuals are not ready to work with Annie and should seek out a licensed mental health professional first, then visit Annie after 3-5 psychotherapeutic sessions. 

There are also times when psychotherapeutic modalities fail and Annie’s modalities succeed. Schedule a free 15 minute session to see if Annie is a good fit for your needs.

Watch two videos of Annie helping volunteers during the quarterly energy showcase move through trauma using metaphysical and psychological tools. 

Morgan’s journey

Gregory’s journey



Jax Scott, Google review: “WOW!!! Are you ready to change your life? Then Annie is your woman. Annie has helped me finally begin moving wealth throughout my life. My past experiences had put me in the space of lack, and it was extremely challenging for me to shift my mindset into a place of peace, love, and abundance. Working with Annie has been life-altering. She is extremely patient and understanding of my situation (Zero judgment). There were times I was ready to push forward and keep clearing, but she knew I needed time to recover and rest. She is exceptional and the best metaphysician I’ve worked with within my spiritual journey. I highly recommend her; you will not be disappointed.” 


Here are two videos on money: 

The Psychology of Money Decisions

Money as a Reflection of our Emotions


Start with 1 hour at the beginner level so Annie can get a better understanding of the blocks.

Annie specializes in the impact of energy in the form of emotions on the mind and body. Some parts of the body link to specific emotions. Here are a few videos for different parts of the body or different dis-eases. These videos are general rules but there are always exceptions to the rules.




Anxiety & Depression

Sometimes the symptoms are a mystery to the medical community. That’s because medical doctors are often trying to solve a problem that falls in Annie’s lane of energy. Annie loves solving medical mysteries!! 

Sleep Paralysis

If this is you, schedule a discovery session or jump right into the Advanced package.

Yes, she uses her metaphysical modality to return to the event and step into the scene as an observer of the event, not through a first person perspective. You will be able to ask questions and learn from the experience without any hypnotic induction.


It’s not what Annie specializes in but it happens sometimes and Annie knows what to do when it does. Annie hasn’t encountered an alien that wasn’t friendly or at least curious and willing to answer questions. We just need to ask the right questions. 😉


Alien Abduction TikTok video


This service would fall under the Advanced Package option and available online or in-person.

Yes, however, she only works with in-person clients for this service (not virtual via Zoom). Couples must reside in/around Las Vegas or travel to the Las Vegas area unless travel expenses are paid at the High Profile Client rate.

The most effective situation is for Annie to work with couples for 2 hours a week for 3 weeks to allow each person to process the energy at a safe pace. 


Watch a demonstration on how Annie works in harmonizing human energy with couples in this video: 2021 Fall Energy Showcase. 

Learn More

The Campus is a 5D metaphysical training world for Annie and her clients. Think of it like the magical world of Harry Potter created by J.K. Rolling except The Campus isn’t a world filled with wands and wizards and potions but a metaphysical training ground for spiritual growth. There are areas of the campus that are public and anyone can access and there are restricted areas that require escorts or special keys in order to enter. Annie has those keys.

Not everyone is ready to go to The Campus. The mind and body must first acclimate to higher vibrations and shed heavy trauma, otherwise, clients will experience extreme jet lag and sometimes stomach or head aches on the return. The mind and body need to be conditioned to visit The Campus.

The Campus is where Annie takes people who are in need of special services not available in this 3D reality (cognitive, psychological, neuroscientific) or 4D reality (younger self, future self, lateral multiverse self, higher self).

5D energy access keys allow the client to meet with people from past lives, meet spirit guides/teachers/trainers, conduct quantum healing, receive energy upgrades, run energy diagnostics, recode the human computer software, and other things not available in 3D or 4D existence.  

Mystery School video

3D in mathematics requires length x width x height (like a cardboard box). This is the world we live in….for the most part. 

4D is when we add in time to create a hyper-existence. There are some things in our 3D world that are really 4D. Take an electron, for example. It appears then disappears as it orbits the nucleus and reappears on a different orbital layer (like an atomic surfer magically jumping orbital waves around the nucleus). Where does it go when it disappears? Well, that’s assuming it disappeared. What’s really happening is that we can’t see 4D movement and so it looks like it’s disappearing but if you ask the electron, it will tell you it didn’t leave. 

5D is when we add location to length x width x height x time. Metaphysically, this is how we can be here and at The Campus or somewhere else at the same time. 

Here’s a TikTok video explaining 0D, 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D and a blog post on Medium.com explaining 4D & 5D.

Quantum coaching or metaphysical coaching, unlike conventional coaching, includes your soul/spirit/energetic essence in the conversation. Annie is highly intuitive and empathic. She can mirror into a client’s energy source and converse with all attributes of the self: mind, body, and soul. This method is incredibly effective because it allows the individual to hear what their own inner voice has to say. This method is effective in calling out the discrepancies between the attributes. The mind is not always accurate and full of biases; the mind mis-wants, misremembers, mis-predicts and so on; however, the body and soul (usually) do not. For instance, when emotional eaters are triggered, the mind seeks comfort and overrides the body’s desire not to overeat. The mind will also seek comfort even if it causes more damage to the situation and then respond with shame.  

 Watch this video clip to understand multi-dimensional attributes of God and the self from a Christian biblical perspective.  This video explains how mind, body and soul or father, son, holy ghost, are attributes of the whole. The energy is the same regardless of our belief system – the only thing that changes is our choice of words to describe it. Metaphysical coaching invites all attributes to the session for a whole-self holistic experience.


1. Emotions are a form of energy and energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only changed. We as a society have been looking at emotions all wrong, most especially with men and empaths. Instead of denying or pushing emotions away, what we need to do is learn to transmute them to our desired state. The very thing we’ve been most afraid of – that one thing we may have viewed as our greatest weakness – is usually our untrained true potential. Metaphysical coaching is the space and place between science and spirituality where the perceived curse blooms into the blessing or gift.  

2. Traditional mainstream approaches to medicine and coaching do not address the holistic whole self – mind, body & soul (or energy or subconscious for my science minded and atheist clients). Working with a metaphysician is forward facing – think windshield to rear view mirror. What happened in the past is not nearly as important as what’s happening right now in the present moment. And when we work from the energy of the present, we can create our desired future.

3. Addressing physical symptoms without tracing back to the trapped emotions associated with those manifested red flags will not heal the body from the core cause like childhood trauma or a major life event. Coaching the mind without coaching and honoring the spirit does not tap into the true reason for being. 

4. Quantum coaching clients are almost always people that have a significant reason for being. That reason may be to grow a $1B for-profit unicorn company that advocates for a large social cause or it could be a mother who has a gifted child that is destined to do something significant. Every person is unique in their life purpose and role.

Everything in the Universe is made up of matter or energy. Energy is everywhere. The first law of thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only changed. By managing the energy around you, you can convert fear to love, lack to abundance, chaos to clarity, and so on. There is modern science and ancient wisdom to explain the how and why.  Science, spirituality, religion, and metaphysics all play with the same energy sand in the same energy sandbox (i.e. Earth), just differently.

Prayer, meditation, and secular thoughts all emit energy. Dr. David Hawkins created a map of consciousness showing the energetic frequencies of various thoughts. Peace, joy, and love emit creative energies. Shame, guilt, fear, jealousy, and anger come from fear and emit destructive energies. Regardless of religious or spiritual beliefs, words matter, especially the internal dialog we have with ourselves. Literally. Hence, manage the energy you attract.

What you choose to create or co-create should be in alignment with your reason for being (look up IKIGAI). The center point of the Ikigai Venn diagram is called the reuleaux. This is where what you are good at, what the world needs, and what you can get paid for align in the highest vibration. Annie can help you learn how to operate inside the reuleaux of your calling.

Annie’s explanation of a metaphysician (that specializes in what she does).

A metaphysician studies the branch of philosophy that deals with the first principles of things, including abstract concepts such as being and knowing that extend past our visible and explainable reality. It’s working on the bridge between science and spirituality. 

Metaphysics is a little hard to describe in western culture because it takes into account taboo topics like 6th sense, reincarnation, quantum realms and multidimensional existence that just aren’t taught in many cultures. The understanding stretches beyond reality as we know it. Here’s Stanford’s super lengthy definition. It explores how what we believe becomes our reality, how emotions are energy, how light and matter have a consciousness, how we can bend outcomes by simply observing them. 

Yes and no. Think of it like driving for the mind, body and soul. Would you drive a vehicle with blindfolds on? Would you want a teenager with a driving permit learning on the freeway before learning how to drive on suburban streets?

There are unexpected plot twists that may occur and a trained facilitator will remain calm and guide the individual through it with courage. There is no place for fear in quantum work. Much of what we fear are simply things we don’t know enough about. 

Absolutely! Just scroll down to the bottom of the page. 

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