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Annie Emprima-Martin

Mom, metaphysician, Army vet, startup investor & business consultant, and holistic coach. Over 100 unique clients have moved forward on their journey/calling since I started the company last year. 

It is my mission to support individuals and small business owners by showing them how to work with their own metaphysical skills. When people identify and master their internal soul-level natural abilities, instead of resisting, they serve themselves, their families, and other people faster and in a more impactful and significant way. 



Annie's calling is to empower people to fulfill their calling in serving others.

Quantum Empowerment Coaching

Most requested service. This is what I am known for!

The first step for spiritual and metaphysical individuals seeking to integrate all attributes of the whole – mind, body, and soul. This service works with anyone that has a spiritual or religious belief system.

Available online or in-person.

Quantum empowerment coaching & consulting sessions utilize methods from metaphysics, science, spirituality, & religion. Recommend 1hr for an online session, 90 minutes or more for in-person. 

“The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”  Frederick Buechner, Wishful Thinking: A Theological ABC

Deep Quantum Work

The soul or spirit is capable of doing amazing work in the somnambulistic state (sleep-walking). This is the golden sweet spot for working with the soul to heal, empower, discover, and journey. 

Quantum sessions include: Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique
(QHHT), Quantum Discovery (QD), and Quantum Empowerment using the Emprima Method.

Sessions are 3-6 hrs long, depending on intention and the relaxed state of the body.

In-person only. 

The Emprima Method

The Emprima Method is a natural gift that I have to diagnose the energetic and emotional flow within the body. This is a quantum diagnostic test, not medical. Think of it like a battery tester and plumbing snake for trapped energy and limiting beliefs. Balanced energy is powerful energy. 

Think about single moms that give, give, give energy to raising young children but don’t have a way to fill their own cup. Think about narcissists that take, take, take and don’t give back. Both are extreme examples of energetic imbalance. Energy balancing reprograms the brain to maintain energetic balance.

High Profile Clients

Celebrity confidentiality agreement available. Billed as 1 full day (up to 8 hrs) regardless of total time used. Travel to client within 100 miles of Henderson, NV included. Email or call if your preferred day/time block is not available in the booking system. Any in-person service is available during this time.

Mindset & Money Metaphysical Business Coaching Package

Intended for business owners, founders, investors and executives.

In-person or remote


Intention Based
Energy Healing

In-person or remote

Free group sessions are offered when I have a surge of energy. Join the newsletter to receive updates on live Zoom events and Facebook live events.

groups & programs


We’ve been trained from a young age to be tough and push our feelings down. Yet, we are much more powerful when we accept and nurture our emotional side. Since we can’t simply wish them away without losing ourselves, we created this webinar to learn to use our emotions to our advantage! We can’t get from chaos to clarity without having the courage to step in the arena of the messy middle. And we can’t have courage without vulnerability; it’s essential to great leadership. This is an emotional boot camp on ‘being a man’ we can’t afford to miss!!   – Leland & Annie

1st & 3rd Thursdays each month at 6pm Pacific. Currently free. 

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A little bit about my co-host, Leland Holgate, Sr.  

Leland was born and raised in Vicenza, Italy to an Army Ranger and registered nurse, who was also an Army veteran. He came to the USA at the age of 8 and joined the United States Air Force at 17. He graduated SERE training (survival, evasion, resistance, escape) and advanced combat training, and was part of the 61st Airlift Squadron, one of the most deployed in the Air Force. He deployed to Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Bosnia and Yogoslavia. He then sustained a neck injury that left him a quadriplegic for over 2 weeks followed by 13 months of intensive recovery. Leland now dedicates much of his time to helping other veterans find balance in life while persevering through the most challenging hardships.



Empowering Empaths interactive online training help individuals understand energy: how to harness it, master it, and how to use the spiritual gift or ability it to impact the world in a unique way.  

Empaths are usually misunderstood by the people around them, and even to themselves. What empaths may perceive as over-sensitivity, over-absorbing of other people’s energy, and just overwhelm is really an unmastered energetic ability waiting to be utilized. The trick is to learn to strengthen the inner core energy source to send rather than absorb like a sponge (like a plumber adjusting a water valve).  

There is beautiful power in compassion, kindness, and community. Join us at an online training group to learn tips, tricks, tools and techniques from  psychology, quantum science, spirituality and religion to thrive during difficult times.  

View event calendar for classes and specific dates.

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Speaker for Nevada Department of Veteran Services Women Veterans Conference, Conscious Connections, February 2020
VA Town Hall Wellness Fair, The Armor That Protects Us & The Unavoidable Streetfight (aka The Messy Middle), May 2019


Guest speaker for Nevada Women In Trades, Friendships:
The Armor That Protects Us & The Unavoidable Streetfight (aka The Messy Middle)
January 2020 &
Emotions are Energy, December 2019
Speaker for Nevada Department of Veteran Services Women Veteran Conference, Conscious Connections, February 2020

Chambers & Small Business Groups

Presenter for Business Empowered, Impact of Emotions on Business and Life, May 2020


Online presenter for National Guard youth group, April 2020

Highly Sensitive.
Addiction & Codependency

Energy overwhelm manifests in different ways for different people. Empaths are highly susceptible to addictions and codependency because of the energetic abilities of 'feeling' other people's feelings.

Holistic Health

Presenter for Achieving Your Optimal Health Webinar Series, Money as a Reflection of Our Emotions, May 2020;
Friendship: The Armor That Protects Us, November 2019;
Quantum Healing Hypnosis: Step into Your True Inner Power, October 2019;
Leading Yourself on Your Personal Health Journey, August 2019

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