Energy of Emotions

Empowering Empaths Online Program

So, what exactly is this?

Empaths are usually misunderstood by the people around them, and even to themselves. What empaths may perceive as over-sensitivity, over-absorbing of other people’s energy, and just overwhelm is really an unmastered energetic ability waiting to be utilized. The trick is to learn to strengthen the inner core energy source to send rather than absorb like a sponge (like a plumber adjusting a water valve).  

There is beautiful power in compassion, kindness, and community. Join us at an online training group to learn tips, tricks, tools and techniques from  psychology, quantum science, spirituality and religion to thrive during difficult times. 



Learn tips, tricks, techniques and tools from science, psychology, spirituality and religion to grow and thrive mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as an empath.

Week 1: What is an empath? Are you an empath?

Week 2: Thoughts matter

Week 3: Words matter

Week 4: Connections matter

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Participants will learn to use energy to exchange and transmute to have a stronger understanding of how energy in the body works in transmitting and receiving (feeling others or the impact of our own emotions on others). Level 1 is a prerequisite.

$35/month | 4 sessions/month

Level 2 will return later in 2021.



Learn how to use your ability to help yourself, your community and your career. Level 3 is a live, in-person training. Participants will practice how to convert, amplify, and harness intentions. Level 2 completion is required.

$50 | 2 Live Events 2 Hours Each

Classes will return later in 2021



Rewrite the rules. Learn to calibrate energy to vibrate in the frequency of your desired goals.

$1,200 | In Person Training 4 Hour Event

Group or private session. In-person only. Classes will resume in 2022 (or when masks are no longer required).

We know so little about our solar system and even less about our soul-system.

The mind is so powerful. 

We underestimate its capability in creating our reality.

Most empowerment services can be scheduled by clients using the link below.  


empower yourself with knowledge and fulfill your reason for being.
Your mind, body & soul
will thank you