Sometimes we want to grow on our spiritual journey with others who will be there to witness our progress and hold space for us as we expand our awareness.

That's what the metaphysical group coaching sessions and healing rooms are all about!

Join many other women and men moving forward toward feeling emotionally lighter as they step deeper into their purpose.

So, what exactly is this?

metaphysian led group coaching & HEALING ROOMS

Designed for

  • empaths
  • highly sensitive people
  • adult and childhood trauma survivors
  • spiritually gifted
  • anyone suffering from diseases/disorders of the body caused by emotions
Join us at an online groups to learn tips, tricks, tools and techniques from psychology, quantum science, spirituality, and metaphysics to thrive during difficult times.


 1-1.25hr rooms will follow this structure

15 minutes of opening energy, 30 minutes of healing based on group needs, 15-20 minutes of individualized support, 5 minutes to close out the energy


Empaths are usually misunderstood by the people around them, and even to themselves. What empaths may perceive as over-sensitivity, over-absorbing of other people’s energy, and just overwhelm is really an unmastered energetic ability waiting to be utilized. Usually these gifts are amplified by painful experiences layered with trauma. The trick is to learn to strengthen the inner core energy source to send rather than absorb like a sponge (like a plumber adjusting a water valve).



Learn tips, tricks, techniques and tools from science, psychology, spirituality and religion to grow and thrive mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Build strong boundaries, master energy and move forward in life with a few friends to cheer you on. 

Weekly. 1 hour.

Tuesdays at 12noon Los Angeles; 3pm New York; 8pm London; Wednesday at 7am Sydney

Tuesdays at 7pm Los Angeles; 10 pm New York; 3am London; Wednesday at 2pm Sydney


This group is intended for anyone, male or female, that has experienced childhood sexual trauma, childhood sexual abuse, incest, extreme physical abuse, or other violations of the body.

Weekly. 1 hour.

Wednesdays at 10:30am Los Angeles; 1:30pm New York; 6:30pm London; Thursdays at 5am Sydney


Trauma comes in all forms. From battlefield, to medical, to childhood, to mystery traumas. This group is intended to help people understand their trauma and how their trauma is causing physical and mental manifestations. Annie will use energy based modalities to help the group move through the trauma together as a group.

Currently offered 1x a month. 90 minutes.

2nd Sunday of the month at 12:30 Los Angeles; 3:30pm New York; 8:30pm London; 2nd Monday of the month at 7:30am Sydney

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Attend any group healing room or unlimited sessions in February and join the beta groups for free (January 15-31).


Attend any group healing room per month for $50/mo


Attend any and all group healing rooms for $200/mo

Connect via Zoom to access the group

On the day and time of your desired group healing, click here or enter ID 863 5804 4441

Only first name and last initial are required. Last name is not necessary when signing in to the group.


  1. Subscribe to either the UNLIMITED or MONTHLY plan. Cancel at any time. Switch plans at any time. 3 month commitment is requested to develop comradery and trust with the members of the groups
  2. Schedules may change every 60 days as new groups are added
  3. Contact Annie if you wish to pay by CashApp, Venmo, PayPal, Zelle or some other form of payment requiring an invoice instead of direct payment

We know so little about our solar system and even less about our soul-system.

The mind is so powerful. 

We grossly underestimate its capability in creating our reality.


empower yourself with knowledge and fulfill your reason for being.
Your mind, body & soul
will thank you