Things to Note: The View From my -SHIPS: my journey from the military to metaphysics.

Things to Note Before Beginning the Blog Series


~ Throughout The View From my -SHIPS blog series, I may use words that mean different things to differing belief systems. Feel free to replace my words with words that better align with your belief system. If I use Source or Universe and you prefer Creator or God, just swap out my word for yours. Likewise if I use spirit or energy and you prefer chi, qi, prana, or soul.


~ Wisdom in this area of expertise takes time, effort, and learning from those that came before me. Throughout this series I cite some of the hundreds of books that I’ve read that opened my eyes to a world beyond our three-dimensional understanding. I’ll add my list of favorite life-altering books, TedTalks, and studies below as they are mentioned in the series.


~ I am not a licensed clinical therapist or social worker nor am I a medical doctor. The findings in my research are from a metaphysician’s point of view, an unlicensed and unregulated industry. The research itself is based on my years of data collected from intuitive life coaching, quantum exploration, and cross-dimensional sessions with clients, and reading thousands and thousands and thousands of pages of transcripts and lessons learned from others who work in the same field. Wisdom comes in many forms. The most important is curiosity.


~ As you will learn as you read later posts in the series, my short-term memory was and still is affected by my level of stress, the foods I eat, and the amount of sleep I get. Or, if you are also like me and read ten different books at once, characters in this blog series will start to blend with other characters in the other books or blogs. To assist with memory loss or cross-character confusion, I’ve added a character reference list below so you can follow or refresh without having to back-read the posts. Characters will be added to the list as they are mentioned in the series.


~ There are no villains in this story, just unhealed wounds being played out in life-long live-performances. You’ll find as you read through the blog series that the characters in my life are a lot like the characters in the 2004 movie Crash where lives collide and the line between victims, persecutors, and rescuers get blurry. It is not my intent for the reader to have to take sides or pick favorites or feel sorry for anyone. Okay, so I do call one of my former officer counterparts an arse, the British word for anus/buttocks, but that’s only because his last name sounded similar. He didn’t play much of a role in my life other than to fill a seat for a short period of time, much like an unimportant tertiary character in a B rated movie. And quite honestly, he had been CPT Arse in my head for so long I can’t even remember his real name.


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