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✔️ Reducing many stress and emotion based medical conditions such as thyroiditis, fibromyalgia, migraines, phantom pains

✔️ Reducing many mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, mystery fears, memory loss

✔️ Spiritual advancement and metaphysical mastery / unexplainable paranormal activity / alien abduction


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Whether you want to heal or explore, you'll be able to grow on your spiritual journey with others who will be there to witness tour progress and hold space for you as you expand your awareness. Release, grow, discover, expand with amazing support. 

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THIS IS WHAT ANNIE IS KNOWN FOR!!!  Online 1-on-1 private sessions

ADVANCED: Energy Expansion Program

Holding the KeyGive your mind access to your master keys so you can hack into your internal motherboard and reprogram your life. This is the method that gets you the cheat codes for your human computer system. 

Annie will open, scan, and intensify your energy lines so you can connect to your higher self, heal, gain wisdom, unblock trauma from your body, and so many other incredible things.

6 hours can change your life! Choose from 3 sessions x 2 hrs each; 4 sessions of 1.5hrs each; 6 sessions of 1hr each. Expect a 2 week break between sessions to acclimate. Purchased as a prepaid package.

Each person has a different starting point and ends at a different level. Some people are ready for cheetah speed while others are at turtle speed. There's no judgment. Annie will meet you where you are on your journey and help you get moving faster. 

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Collaborations that expand reality

SPECIAL: The Annie's House Team

Schedule a private session with Annie and Jewels Midnight, Quantum Cory, Ashley Dugas, LaChristia Samonas or other members of Annie's House.

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BEGINNER: Intuitive Quantum Coaching

Looking inMore like intuitive coaching, this is a much slower pace than the ADVANCED option and ideal for those new to metaphysics or just starting out on the journey and not quite ready to dive deep. Not ready to dive deep in metaphysical work? Peak through the metaphysical keyhole with curiosity. This is a beginner step into Annie's work using cognitive problem solving using positive psychology, neuroscience, and coaching tools. Experience family coaching with your mind, body and spirit as three separate voices working  together.

Annie will not open the energy lines for 4D or 5D awareness for beginners.

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